Sunday, August 12, 2012



  HEY, Everybody needs one!

   Ever get tired of your job, your job, or maybe your job? Ever feel that the only people who really Get Your Work are either incarcerated or unfairly institutionalized? Ever think your dog may eat you while you're sleeping? Does the food on your plate express any intention of "turning the tables"?
   If the above applies to you, you're just fucking nuts and I would prefer you NOT read my blog and I'm just kidding about that email address. It's Really not mine.   
  BUT, if you're just a well adjusted, happy guy like me who just wants to have a little harmless fun, let's talk HOBBIES.
   I have learned that a really good hobby requires lots of time, passion, failure, a lexicon of creative cursing, and certain feelings that may have you reconsidering the top paragraph.       
   The following posts represent the collection of legendary lowrider Rojello Viejo Segundo (named after Uncle Primo. For him, it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle.  


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