Sunday, August 12, 2012



  HEY, Everybody needs one!

   Ever get tired of your job, your job, or maybe your job? Ever feel that the only people who really Get Your Work are either incarcerated or unfairly institutionalized? Ever think your dog may eat you while you're sleeping? Does the food on your plate express any intention of "turning the tables"?
   If the above applies to you, you're just fucking nuts and I would prefer you NOT read my blog and I'm just kidding about that email address. It's Really not mine.   
  BUT, if you're just a well adjusted, happy guy like me who just wants to have a little harmless fun, let's talk HOBBIES.
   I have learned that a really good hobby requires lots of time, passion, failure, a lexicon of creative cursing, and certain feelings that may have you reconsidering the top paragraph.       
   The following posts represent the collection of legendary lowrider Rojello Viejo Segundo (named after Uncle Primo. For him, it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle.  


Rojello Viejo Segundo ( named after Uncle Primo)

Rojello was born in East Elmonte, California with a passion for lacquer based paints and petroleum based Pomades. He was also born with no need for speed, or even the concept of transportation...PERIOD. This explains why many of his cars don't have engines. He was fond of saying, "What's so cool about Point B when just hanging out at Point A can be so righteous?"

                                          Enjoy his vision and his simple philosophy:

                                                     "Keep it Low, Slow, and Clean"

The Crib

       In his words:

      "After a long day of spraying and sanding, spraying,
sanding and more spraying and constant displays of unnecessary badness, I like to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures. It's too bad I don't know what those are so I surround myself with the luxuries I can afford... you know, shit Rojello digs. Maybe three fingers of Thunderbird (what else?) with a splash of fresh guava nectar, maybe give the Twins a call ( after a few T-Bird and nectars), or maybe just enjoy the "quality isolation" that always tells me what to chop and channel next".

The Cars

56 T- Bird
INTERIOR: Custom Upholstery by Alphonce DuPonce. Serving your community at a different location weekly ( for 28 life).

SOUND: Don't know! I can't hear shit with the top stuck in that position.

ENGINE TYPE: I'm pretty sure this one has some type.

'49 Mercury Coupe

INTERIOR: I know you can't see it, but trust me, it's SUPERBAD.

SOUND: State of the art 45 rpm record player. It can handle SIX 45's

ENGINE TYPE: Never really looked.

Oh Yeah. This chulita even has a CUP HOLDER and smells just like Brilliantine "Tres Flores".

The Cars

63 Impala

INTERIOR: By "Louie de Lomas". When he's in the right mood, it's like he's making sweet, sweet, love to that Singer.

SOUND: Keeps playing "Hot Line (for your love) over and over but, I dig it.

ENGINE: Louie de Lomas making really cool engine-like noises while he sews.

56 T-Bird

Hand painted upholstery of unknown material by Tomas de Tijuana.
May have a bitchen 8 track, but can't hear it with the top stuck in that position.


55 Chevy Belair

So low & clean, so I refuse to drive it. So don't ask about the engine. Don't ask about the interior either. It's too dark in there to see it!

50 Merc Ragtop

Leo de Lomas had to skin a few naugas for this sexy interior. AND, it's RED!

49 Chevy Fleetline

No windshield, no windows! This way, everybody can hear some bad tunes, compliments of Rojello.

57 T-Bird

This chula got tuck & rolled to pieces.

55 Nomad

Got my first license, DUI, & a little "down time" in one of these. It didn't have a righteous hot tub in it though!

VW Camper/Make-out Machine

If your chick's old man owns firearms, I suggest you pick her up down the block. The hot tub, 8 track, curtains, waterbed, & mini-bar full of malt liquor make date night special.