Monday, May 27, 2013

Frames can be a distraction...and that's a good thing.

Has someone you don’t particularly care for ever presented you with a photo of themselves? You KNOW they expect to see it displayed in a prominent place EVERY time they drop by! You know who I’m talking about. The guy or gal who stops in, unannounced, eats all your food, drinks all your grape Nehi, and hits you up for a loan on their way out. That one.

Fortunately, the framing department at R. Moy Art has the perfect (and always tastefull) solution.

Simply bury said photo in one of our extremely distracting (did I mention always tastefull) frames and no one will ever notice the photo!

Magicians have employed this sort of distraction for centuries and you can inform your friends you now have a total grasp of what “putting lipstick on a pig” really means.

If you don’t like color or humor, don’t expect to ever have your photographic portrait displayed in my crib.

Our Framing experts

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A few years ago I had to make some changes to my fairly reckless lifestyle to avoid, what I would consider, an early demise. I've actually embraced these changes resulting in my current amazement as to how good all aspects of my life have become. But, like all good things, there has been a catch or two. The most obvious has been the consideration of ideas I'd avoided for decades. While NORMAL thinking for many, I never gave this one a thought: that is, life is short, lots of ground to cover, and spinning my wheels gets me nowhere.

When you were a kid, did your mom ever get you an outfit with a reversible jacket that came with two pairs of pants? Mine did. I picked the side of the jacket and the pair of pants that I wouldn't mind being caught dead in, buried pants # 2 deep in the closet and deemed the other side of the jacket an interesting lining. No play for those guys.

In my own way, I'm attempting to say "fuck all" to my reluctance.

SO, I finished a tri-folding dressing screen in 2002 that never really moved me much. My thinking at the time was, if I kept it tight, clean and unobjectionable in every way, someone might buy it. Nope! It's been taking up space in my studio for over a decade. Every time I look at it, it makes me think my pants were on way too tight at that time. Since this screen has two sides (both pretty much the same), I reworked the unsigned side using curiosity as my main tool. Is it better? Maybe. Did it make me feel good? Why should anyone care about that?

Boy, that's a lot of yackin' for just a few images.