Sunday, March 24, 2013

This is the first political/environmental art I've done since the late 60's. It was inspired by friends back in California. I believe their message is important & urgent. Unfortunately, me being me, I had to take a sort of comic approach. Sorry, It's a curse!

Some Clay, Some Other Stuff

This morning I was talking to a friend I've known for a couple of years. He's very accomplished in the arts but I didn't know he's a clay guy too! So I thought I'd dip into the archives & post a few examples, old & new of my love/hate relationship with my old girlfriend....CLAY. 


 A little raku, a little wood, a little paint & hardware

Tea sets done in the late 60's

This piece is from 1973 & includes a slip cast I made from a Jayne Mansfield hot water bottle.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Recommendation from Rojello Viejo Segundo (named after Uncle Primo). See Next Post

From the Rojello Viejo Segundo (named after Uncle Primo) Collection

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Even those surfer dudes dig something low & slow (with lots of hand rubbed lacquer). I put a hot tub in the back of this "Guapita"instead of an engine. But who cares when the surfer dudes say it's righteously bitchen & boss.

2D 3D...Don't mean much to me

Both paintings are acrylic on masonite

Approx 2' x 3'